I’m Lynn and I'm here to empower you:
to change your life,
your career,
and your relationships
for the better.

... To win at YOUR life.

As Your Partner

If you are here it’s because you are unhappy with one or more aspects of your life. YOU can change that. Don’t know how? That’s where I come in … I’m someone who went from low self-esteem and being full of fear, through overachieving workaholic, to someone who’s authentic and confident (most of the time!), who has healthy non-toxic relationships, who’s passionate about my career and loves my life. If I can make those changes, you can too. I’ll work with you to help you find your start point. I’ll guide you where you need guiding, I’m honest and I pull no punches, I’ll say things as they are. I’m happy to give you a swift motivational kick when you need it and be empathetic when you need that too. I’ll help you reflect when you need to, take a break when you need to, show you how to pick yourself up when you make a mistake. You will make mistakes because I’ll empower you to take risks, to explore, to experiment, to be challenged. We will never accept fine (frustrated, insecure, neurotic and emotional), we will do face it, deal with it or let it go and move on because life is just too short. Together we will face fears, overcome barriers. Wherever I can I’ll show you shortcuts and I’ll never let you wander around in circles. I’ll always push you to stretch yourself as far as you are capable, perhaps even a little bit more.


Because I want the very best for you.

Not only does my reputation hang on that, but to be honest so does my sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

I’ve been a coach since 2001 after graduating from CoachU, running a full-time coaching practice via video sessions (Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger). I’ve worked with many men and women in the professional arena, from different countries and different cultures.

Through my experience of a corporate banking and IT consultancy career together with the lessons I’ve learnt in my own life as a recovering workaholic, single parent, married to my career, based in several countries where I’ve had to learn new languages and respect different cultures, I’ve learned how to help people to succeed in living better lives, achieving greater success in their careers and developing more healthy and authentic relationships not only with others but also with themselves.

I know that life can be tough.

I also know that we are capable of “doing tough” and come through better and stronger.

I have found that people are far more capable than they think they are, and that they are far more courageous than they believe they are. I know that people can learn to ignore that little voice in the head that tells us we can’t when we can. The one that tells us we should and the one that beats us up occasionally and is negatively critical. The only voice I listen to now is mine but only when it is being positive and supportive (which thankfully is most of the time).

Every single person has the capacity to be happy, in life, in their career and in their relationships, all they need to do is find both the motivation and the key to unlocking it.

That’s what I excel at.


Because it’s my passion. I am passionate about life, about behaviour, about being the best we can be … for ourselves, and because of that I will live my life to the full and coach until I die.

Because I can.



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