My Role is to empower YOU ...

to change your life,
your career,
and your relationships
for the better,

to win at YOUR life.

My Style

To form a winning partnership you need to be happy with my style:

  • Honesty and integrity are my core principles.
  • I am passionate about you winning at your life so I won't mince my words. I want you to find your solution as soon fast and being direct yet compassionate enables us to achieve this.
  • I’ll always push you to stretch yourself as far as you are capable, perhaps even a tiny bit more because I want the best for you.
  • I am intuitive and I will express it without the need for conscious reasoning.
  • I will encourage you to challenge your belief systems.
  • I will encourage you to experiment, take risks and make mistakes.
    (Often I’ll suggest a shortcut to help you achieve something fast with a high probability that it will work for you, that’s why I include this point)
  • Our work together will be focussed on present issues and defining your future.
  • I don’t do fine (frustrated, insecure, neurotic and emotional), together we will face it, deal with it or let it go and move on because life is just too short.
  • I inject humour into the coaching process when appropriate too, because humour can influence positive outcomes and enhance retention of behaviour changes. Hence the crazy outfit ...fancy dress of course!

If you like my style, then let’s GO…

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