” A year on and I’ve never felt happier, never felt more fulfilled and most importantly I know myself better.”


Working with Lynn was the most exciting and rewarding journey of my life.


Thank you for giving me my life back. No – a better life.


Thanks to you I am now thriving in a career about which I am passionate.


My goal was to gain more confidence in myself, in the decisions I was making , and also in the direction I wanted to take my life. I can honestly say (through Lynn’s coaching) that I have met those goals.


Lynn has a frank, no-nonsense, but gentle approach and applies her method confidently and expertly.


No-nonsense, shoot from the hip and get things done style. Just what I like. You want the benefits promised in Lynn’s programs? Do them. Highly recommended.

Jean Luc

Lynn’s program was a series of 9 one-hour sessions to discover what you want/needed out of life and how to get it. Simple.

I had been through a lot in the previous years, a death in the family, job losses, empty nest, and a series of operations. Although I am usually a very resourceful person, I had no energy left for moving to a new country, choosing a new home. My tank was empty. When I mentioned to a friend that I was looking for a life coach she replied “Ros – you need a life coach? – I can’t believe it!” My friends viewed me as a strong and self-willed individual, but everyone has their limits and I had reached mine.

Lynn’s process empowered me to examine what I really wanted from my life, a tough one as I had no idea. It wasn’t until she gave me a specific piece of fieldwork (yes it was serious stuff), which I found very challenging. I did it at the last minute before our session and quickly scribbled a picture of myself sitting by a lake surrounded by trees with a boat ready for me to go out in.

One year later I am living 200m from a lake, I own a sailing boat and have signed up for an OU degree. And I believed that I was a tough nut to crack!


This process has given me a new energy in life, a new direction. Lynn certainly has been a helpful, guiding hand. I recommend her thoroughly in terms of helping you win at life.


I just wanted to tell you that I decided to look back over the great work you did with me. I sat for a couple of hours reading through all my notes. So so interesting and so true still. Because of you and your fantastic help some of my dreams have already been fulfilled!!+! We have a beautiful home, which we had built. We have our own veg patches a lot of them we grow all our flowers and everything we grow from seed. We live in the country but near enough to a town. We are 20 mins from a beach. I have my own Pilates studio, which is 3 years old and thriving. The boys are content and happy. I am so proud of them.

I still go into overwhelm and worry but have the tools to cope with them. Reading over my notes has really helped me and to see what we are achieving is just fab. Ironic thing is that we have all these dreams that are real now and on half the money that we used to earn. It has made me realise with your work I have found the means of being happy and you will be pleased to know that I don’t stress as much about having money !!!!! We have our health, food on the table and most of all each other. It has been an up and down journey but we are all in a better place especially me.

So thank you so so much for being such a great coach.


I came to this program because I needed to find a way to boost my energy and become more effective in my career. This program met that need and some.  I cannot believe how much more energised and successful I am in every area of my life.


I came to Lynn doubting that I could ever get my life and my career on the right track.
Boy was I wrong!




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