Time out

“Time for Me” simple but complex.

What does time for me mean to you: A spa, shopping for designer shoes, meditation, time to do absolutely nothing?

“Time for Me” means many things to many different people.

But ultimately you have to understand what ‘need’ having time for you meets.

To be valued

For some it’s a need to feel valued.

Being able to afford a stay at a spa, an expensive car, to shop for a pair of Louboutins or a designer outfit, to stay in a five star hotel, or to invest in looking good: a manicure, pedicure or facial.

To reenergise

For others it is about recharging batteries.

Rest, relaxation, a massage or a power nap.

To have a healthy self-esteem

For others sometimes their life is so full or their self-esteem so low, it’s about the basics:

Keeping clean, eating three meals a day sat down, eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, working less than 24/7, switching their phone and laptop off occasionally, avoiding social media, removing their makeup before they go to bed, getting their hair cut, regular exercise.

To be nurtured

For others it is about self-nurture:

Being completely aware of their needs mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Taking the time to maintain a relationship with whatever religion they believe in. making sure they don’t isolate when it’s not good to be alone. Protecting themselves when they feel vulnerable and talking out their emotions. Allowing themselves to feel whatever they feel and respecting those feelings. Regular physical check-ups and being I touch with their bodies, understanding when they can push themselves and when they need to rest, being fully aware of both their ability and their limits.

During my working life, either as a consultant or as a personal identity coach, I have discovered that this is one area that many of us neglect. It’s also the one area that seems to be the most difficult when it comes to implementing changes for the better.

The most important lesson that I have learned form changing this particular area of my life is that if I look after my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self, I have enough energy to support others, my children, my partner, my friends, my colleagues, my employees and my clients.

And last but by no means least. I feel good.

What does having “me time” mean to you?

You do have “me time” don’t you?


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